Jeffery Construction



The team at Jeffery Construction have extensive experience with renovations, both commercial and residential, from fit outs to complete rebuilds. We know that renovations can be a stressful process, especially when presented with a myriad of decisions and variables. As a full-service contractor, Jeffery Construction helps alleviate these difficulties by handling all aspects of the build from start to finish.

Whether you require a large-scale renovation or heritage listed restoration work, our highly-skilled team of builders and project managers oversee the entire process; protecting clients against budget and timeline blow outs. We also provide landscaping services, enabling all aspects of a project to be managed by our specialised team, under one roof. All of our processes are undertaken with an eco-conscious approach to actively minimise our environmental impact.

Why Us?

Due to our passion for bespoke builds, our team members work closely with designers, often engaging with them early in the process to mitigate any potential logistical issues and ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of the design.

Jeffery Construction’s approach to each renovation is tailored to the specific needs of the project. Our past residential and commercial projects provide some insight into our varied portfolio; from revitalised villas, to stylish bathroom renovations, or state of the art extensions. With residential builds we focus on returning houses to their true potential with timeless, bespoke designs. Our heritage listed restorations are carried out with the utmost care. By bringing space and light back into these treasured properties, we breathe new life and character into family homes.

When approaching commercial renovations we utilise our specialist skill set to blend aesthetics with functionality, ensuring spaces are optimised for their intended purpose. From offices to restaurants and wine bars, we bring businesses to life with expert craftsmanship and originality.

Whether boutique or large-scale, it is imperative that every aspect of a project is designed and built with precision and intention; blending aesthetics with functionality to create spaces that allow you to live, work and play.

We’re always keen to discuss new projects. If you’d like to find out what is possible, please get in touch with the team.